Krunker io

This is an online first-person game in which the action takes place in dangerous areas. Krunker contains many terrain maps and many cool weapons. For the successful completion of tasks, the player will receive a generous reward, and in case of defeat, a small compensation.

With each update of the game, the choice of weapons in the store changes, new firearms and edged weapons appear. Plus, you can discover new territories you've never been to.


Krunker io unblocked

This is a classic representative of shooters, in which everything depends, first of all, not on the tasks performed, but on your accuracy. In Krunker, you need not only run around the map, find unique items and clothes, dress them up and kill everyone in your path. Everything is simpler: move calmly, calculate the location of the enemy and find good cover. Only luck, dexterity and an accurate hit in the head of the enemy will save you from bullets and death.

Play fair to become the best shooter in this fierce battle! Some players are trying to find the Krunker hacks, but this method is not entirely correct and unfair to their rivals!

Krunker 3d multiplayer shooter game

The game has secret codes that can activate aimbot, after which you will be less vulnerable. The player can fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of battle, controlling the pixel warrior with the help of reflexes. The sounds in the game allow you to hear in advance the steps of the enemy and prepare for an attack or defense.

On all Krunker io territorial maps, you can find first-aid kits, additional protection, or improved guns. Between battles, the player can explore the area, visit the store and buy something that will help him win the upcoming shootout.

At the beginning of game there is only a pair of pistols, an automatic rifle and a knife for special occasions. Solving various tasks and performing complex missions will bring in-game money to your gaming account.

Krunker io online

Cheats and mods

In the shop you can buy new guns or upgrade old ones. There is also a uniform, additional materials necessary for the next battle (cartridges, first-aid kit to improve physical condition, etc.) The choice is huge, and the stock of money is small, so buy only what is necessary, carefully considering the need for each element. After shopping, go into battle in the urban jungle with the most dangerous rivals in the world.

Krunker io unblocked full screen

To control your character you only need a keyboard and mouse. To survive in battle, use all your skills, not forgetting that you can hide behind a wall, a box or in a dark corner.