simple 3d game, which is a constant battle among the city buildings, carries a variety of cards for operations. For successful performance of the tasks of the player waiting for a generous reward, and in case of defeat a small compensation. With each update changes the choice of weapons in the store, there is not only firearms and cold weapons, but also a bit as the last and the most significant argument in close combat.

Krunker.ioThis is a classic representative of the genre of shooting, in which everything depends primarily not on the tasks performed, but on your accuracy and marksmanship. Here you will not be able to run on the map, find unique items, dress them and kill every comer. Everything is simpler and more difficult: move quietly, calculate the location of the enemy and cover pick up closer. And only luck, agility and exact hit in the head of the enemy will save you from a stray bullet and death.

How to play

Control of the game is made by several buttons of the keyboard and the mouse, there are no different obstructing the eye of additional windows, so the player can completely immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the battle. The soundtrack allows you to hear the steps of the enemy in advance and get ready to meet his exact bullet hit.

On each map you can find First aid kits, additional protection or improved weapons. Between fights, the player can explore the map of the future battle, visit the store and buy what will help him win the upcoming operation.

Become a member of the fighting in and carefully designed operations of a well-trained team of special forces fighters. At your disposal at the beginning of the game just a pair of pistols, machines, mandatory cold weapons in the form of a knife for special occasions and as the last argument. The solution of various tasks, execution of missions and participation in operations together with riot will bring to your Piggy Bank special awards and local money. weaponsWeapons and uniforms

As a true warrior, in the shop for the deserved award you can buy not shirt or food, and real weapons, various modifications and improvements for weapons and uniforms, additional consumables required in each battle (bullets, First-aid kit, various suspensions for improvement of the physical condition and other). The choice is huge, and the stock of money is small, so buy at a minimum, carefully wisely the need for each clothes and again go on the dangerous path of the fighter for injustice in the urban jungle.

To control your character you need only a keyboard and mouse, and for survival in battle use all the features and coverings in the form of walls, boxes and dark corners.