Krunker io is a popular first-person shooter, originally created as a sensational modification of games from the late 20th century. The goal of the game was to give everyone the opportunity to try their hand at the side of professional shooters.

You can participate in various missions: the release of hostages, the seizure of the enemy base, the destruction of explosive devices. Over time, the opportunity to be on the side of free fighters to achieve their goals.

Krunker io cheats

All actions are mainly based on the missions of the game, which gives access to new guns in the store and the opening of more complex cards.

How to play

For each mission, the player receives money that can be spent in the store to upgrade guns and consumables. The lack of money in is felt by every player, so some shooters use cheats that allow you to quickly earn a lot more points than in a fair game.

Some players have a desire to make hacks out of the game to provide a high level of protection and additional features. They will help the player to feel the adrenaline rush from the battle and victory. Check the availability of all consumables, the integrity of the equipment and the readiness of the guns before pressing the Start button! Your every action before the game can affect the course of events in battle.

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