Krunkerio will give you the opportunity to become a participant in hostilities as part of trained special forces units against terrorist groups.



For each battle, the tasks are different:

  • in one place you need to focus on your salvation;
  • in the other you will become part of the team and help your comrades;
  • in the third case, you need to protect your base and try to capture the enemy.

Krunkerio game

In every battle, show dexterity and the ability to quickly make the right decisions, because the accuracy of the shots in the Krunker io is the most important factor. Remember that there are a limited number of bullets in your gun, so a senseless retreat weakens your position.

If you do not have enough bullets, then use a knife. This is not the most effective weapon in combat over long distances, but when you are close to your opponent, this is the best type of weapon. To select a knife from your arsenal, turn the wheel on a computer mouse and, seeing it in the list, make one click.

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