Krunker unblocked

Krunker unblocked diversifies this shooter with a variety of excellent guns and other useful features. In the game you can be in the epicenter of the battle, in the maze of an abandoned building or perform an operation to clear the territory from the enemy.

You control an experienced shooter, but do not forget to monitor his health and adjust it with the help of first-aid kits, which may be in special shelters. In addition, on the territorial maps you can find cool guns and other useful items.

Krunker unblocked game

Guns, ammunition and body armor can be purchased between fights in the store for a certain amount of coins received for successfully completing quests in each battle.

How to earn game points

Each accurate shot of your gun and the removal of a fighter from a group of opponents Krunker unblocked bring points to your piggy bank. In the event of victory, they are credited at the end of the battle as a monetary reward.

If your team lost, you will receive a small cash reward. But the greatest satisfaction will bring only a real victory, as well as a tangible replenishment of your game wallet.

Rules of Krunker unblocked

Krunker unblocked is a multiplayer first-person shooter created in the style of Minecraft, which will appeal to all fans of hot shooters. In the pixel dimension, armed conflict began. Take weapons and enter the battlefield to protect your life.

As in all similar shooters, the winner in the game is the one who managed to kill the greatest number of opponents during the round. Organize in-game shootouts with live players from other countries or invite friends to the company. If you run out of ammunition during the battle, look for the gray boxes in Krunker unblocked to replenish them. In this shooter there are always worthy opponents for endless online wars.

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