Krunker io 2

A multiplayer shooter will help you spend your free time and cheer up, especially if you prove yourself in battle and lead your group to victory.

Tune in to a serious shootout without a mini-map on the screen indicating the location of the enemies: they may appear in front of you, on the side or behind, completely unexpectedly.

Player type

You have to play very carefully. To be distracted in Krunker io 2 means to be killed. Before starting the test, you must choose your type of soldier. Each of the proposed options has its own characteristics. Explore them and make your choice. Now join the team and begin the search for the enemy on earth. You only have four minutes to destroy the enemy team. At this time in Krunkerio2 you have two tasks: to kill and not to let yourself be shot.

Ammunition Krunker io 2

The set of ammunition in the game is not endless. If you run out of ammo, look for gray boxes. They have stocks of ammunition, come and pick them up. To leave a mark on the walls, to scare the enemy, use graffiti.

The graphics of Krunkerio2 are made in the style of Minecraft, fans of this universe will surely like it. A large pixel, blocks, symbols – you will see everything that is done in the game.

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