Play game is a popular first-person shooter created initially as a modification of sensational in the late 20th century Half-Life games. The goal of the game was to give everyone a chance to try their hand at the side of professional special forces fighters and to participate in various missions of the group: release of Hostages, capture of enemy base, disposal of explosive devices. Over time, there was an opportunity to stand up and on the side of free fighters for their goals.

In game development primarily takes place through missions, which gives access to new weapons in the store and the opening of more complex maps. For each mission, the player receives money, which can be spent in the store for improvements and consumables. And the lack of money is felt by every honest player, so attractive become additions in which there is an opportunity to earn quickly much larger sums of points than in a regular game.

Besides the question of money some decide also by tricks, gimmicks, sometimes dishonest, but acting. Somewhere such actions cause rejection, but in this game to provide themselves with a high level of protection, additional opportunities to perform missions and win in transient fights with friends, they will only help the player to feel a surge of adrenaline from the fight and Victory. Check the presence of all consumables, the integrity of the outfit and the readiness of the weapon before pressing the “Start” button, each unrecorded change can affect the course of events in battle and the likelihood of your survival.