We offer you in Krunkerio game to become a participant of fights in the composition of trained teams of special forces against terrorist groups. Your task is both simple and complex: you have to survive, while doing a successful mission issued by commanders.

For each battle the tasks are different: In one place you will need to concentrate on saving yourself, in another case you will become a part of the team and should help to survive and win your comrades, in the third case the most important thing is to protect your base and capture the enemy base.

In each battle Krunkerio show agility and ability to quickly make the right decisions, sharp eyes and precision shots. Remember that consumables for your weapons is strictly limited, so a meaningless waste weakens your position. But if you still run out of bullets in firearms, you always have a knife with you. Of course, this is not a long-range weapon, so its use and destruction of enemies will show you as a master of combat.