Diversify a dull and dull reality first-person shooter unblocked, allowing one fight after another in the urban environment with the use of firearms. The game has many cards to choose from to be at the epicenter of the battle for the base in the maze of an abandoned building or to perform an operation to clean the territory of the enemy.

Your character unblocked experienced fighter, but a stray bullet does not choose the target, so watch your health and correct it with the found first aid kits in special caches. In addition, the maps can be found improved outfit or modifications to weapons and other surprises.

Weapons, bullets, body armor All this can be purchased between fights in the store for a certain amount of local currency of the game, received for successful operations and execution of tasks in each battle. Each accurate shot of the weapon, disabling the fighter from the group of opponents, the performance of the goal in battle bring to your piggy bank points paid at the end of the battle in the form of a monetary award in the event of victory or a small compensation for defeat. But only victory will bring satisfaction from the performance of missions, a tangible replenishment of the purse and the ability to choose a unique weapon.