In virtual reality a lot of players who came after adrenaline splash and test their own ability to survive. shooter in the first person, created exactly for the creation of such situations: constant fights in the urban environment, on industrial and in abandoned buildings in the combat unit.

At your disposal at the headquarters of shooter is a store filled with different types of weapons, from a pistol to a sniper rifle. Yes, you'll need money to buy. Earn them in the game easily and at the same time difficult: for the victory in the battle, a successful mission to the player from Bounty command will be a certain amount of coins, only sometimes have to tighten the belt tighter and carry out several successful operation to buy Especially attractive weapons.

In addition, each battle requires a minimum of consumables, such as bullets or first aid kit, and this is also the cost of the store. Fight quickly, shoot accurately, perform all the tasks in each battle and carefully in moments of rest in the headquarters wisely further strategy of the development of his character and tactics of the next fight.